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NEBNNortheast By North
NEBNNaval Enlisted Bombardier/Navigators (US)
NEBNNational Emergency Backhaul Network
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The mean Saturnicentric latitudes of the NTBc, NEBn, and NEBs (see Table 3 footnotes for a description of the nomenclature) determined by the BAA for the seven oppositions between 1980 and 1986 are 40[degrees], 25[degrees], and 12[degrees]N, respectively (Heath, 1981, 1984, 1985b, 1985c, 1986, 1987, 1989), whereas Voyager I and II images show latitudes of 36[degrees], 20[degrees], and 5[degrees]N, respectively (Hollis, 1985a); finally, the photographs of Saturn made on 3 July 1989 (Di Cicco and Robinson, 1989) carefully were measured by me and suggest Saturnicentric latitudes of 38[degrees], 21[degrees], and 9[degrees] for these three features.
Photograph Green Red Feature (a) Micrometer (#58) (#25A) NTB 39.2[+ or -]2.0[degrees] -- -- NEBn 23.6[+ or -]3.4[degrees] 21.6[degrees] 19.5[degrees] NEBc 16.1[+ or -]2.9[degrees] 15.3[degrees] 14.3[degrees] NEBs 10.2[+ or -]3.6[degrees] 9.0[degrees] 9.0[degrees] Photograph Overall Blue Mean suggested Feature (a) (#47) "Haas" Value (b) NTB -- 40.5[+ or -]1.1[degrees] 40[degrees]N NEBn 21.6[degrees] 20.6[+ or -]1.4[degrees] 22[degrees]N NEBc 14.3[degrees] 15.1[+ or -]0.9[degrees] 15[degrees]N NEBs 6.8[degrees] 9.7[+ or -]1.0[degrees] 9[degrees]N (a) NTB=north temperate belt, NEB=north equatorial belt with n, c, and s referring to the northern, central, and southern portions (edges) of the belt.
Indeed extensive rifts directly induced the NEBn outbreaks, and probably the appearance of the NEBs projections as well.