NEBTNet Earning Before Taxes
NEBTNational Epidemiology Board of Thailand (est. 1986)
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Other ICT proxies such as number of debit cards (DC), NEBT, VEBT, NATMT, VATMT, NEBCT, VEBCT, NOBT and VOBT have positive and significant relation with bank deposits employing both estimation techniques.
The total number of e-banking transactions (NEBT) have positive effect on bank deposits with statistical significance level of 1%.
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"I'd like to thank Jeff Parker of Stockton Van Centre, Barry Simpson and Mark Smith of NEBT for the sponsorship they've given not just me but also the Cubs this season," said Swales.
The National Epidemiology Board of Thailand (NEBT), created in 1990 as a nongovernmental organization in the health sector, is helping to develop such a knowledge-based health system (Figure 1).
The NEBT uses various approaches, such as expert panels, scientific commissions, and technical meetings, to make effective use of the available data and to identify information gaps [2].