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NEBUNon-Executive Bills Unit (UK)
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OU: Tom je zelio nauciti razgovarati s pticama koje znaju sve sto se dogada na nebu...
This includes an additional 11 claims Nebu picked up in February which sit adjacent to Goldcorp Inc.'s past-producing Nabob Mine.
Nebu Resources, Inc (TSX V: NBU), a Canada-based company that explores for mineral resources, has discovered a continuous zone of uranium mineralization at the Nanuk property in Canada.
At the bloodiest spot on Attu, GIs found the diary of medical officer Nebu Tatsuguchi on his dead body.
lcelandic [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] vera i sjounda himni; Danish vaere i syvende himmel; Dutch in de zevende hemel zijn; Welsh bod yn y seithfed nef; French etre au septieme ciel; Spanish estar en el septimo cielo; Russian [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]; Czech byt v sedmem nebi; Serbian biti na sedmom nebu; Greek [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] ovpavo; Hungarian a hetedik mennyorszagban van or Maltese qieghed fis-seba' sema--all of them meaning 'to be extremely happy because something good has happened to you recently'.
(8.) Ikeda M, Fukuhara R, Shigenobu K, Hokoishi K, Maki N, Nebu A, et al.
STANDING on Mount Nebu in Jordan felt like being part of a scene from the Bible.
"Ever see The 3 Stooges Go to Babylon?" sez Nebu. Watch for Volume 5, Brains and Bronze: The Rise of Ancient Greece, coming soon to a comic-book store near you ($2.50 from Rip Off Press, Inc., Dept CHU, Box 14158, San Francisco, CA 94114).
The School Sports Captain Neha Nebu welcomed the dignitaries and highlighted the significance of a healthy sporting event.
Nebu George, of Bangor University, will be an archeology intern at Menai Science Park Ltd in Gaerwen on Anglesey.