NECARNew Electric Car
NECARNo Emissions Car
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It is nonsense to say NECAR 4 performs as good as ordinary cars, although it is already the most advanced fuel cell car ever appeared.
Eight years after the launch of the NECAR 1 concept study, DaimlerChrysler is about to deploy the first of what will be a 60 vehicle fleet of its Mercedes-Benz A-Class hydrogen-fueled fuel cell car, the F-Cell.
The one in DaimlerChrysler's 1994 "concept car" NECAR (New Electric Car) 1 filled the rear of a van, leaving room only for the driver and a single passenger.
Fuel-cell vehicles will not be mass produced for at least eight years but DaimlerChrysler says the trip by its NECAR 5 vehicle shows the promise of these engines.
Earlier Mark 900 Series technology has been demonstrated by Ballard's customers in their vehicles, including DaimlerChrysler's Necar 5, Ford's FCV, Honda's FCX-V4 and Nissan's Xterra FCV.
The ''Necar 4A,'' which uses fuel-cell technology that generates electric power from hydrogen and emits only water, is expected to be test-driven on Singapore roads in 2004.
For example, DaimlerChrysler AG, Stuttgart, Germany, offers its "Mercedes-Benz" A-class "NeCar 5 (New Electric Car)" and "Jeep (Commander 2)" that utilize fuel cell drive systems, while Honda, Tokyo, Japan, has launched its "Insight" gasoline-electric hybrid car, which is reportedly the first and only hybrid car sold in North America.
DaimlerChrysler's NECAR (New Car) III, for instance, a fuel-cell car with a reformer, produces the global warming gas carbon dioxide at levels roughly equivalent to those of an efficient diesel engine.
He pointed though, that fuel and energy companies, the motor industry and political forces had to "work jointly to establish conditions that enable the successful market introduction of fuel cell vehicles".Daimler-Chrysler brought a prototype of its NECAR 4, a Mercedes Class-A model which can take five passengers, has an autonomy of 450 km and may reach speeds of up to 120 km/h.
A recent release from Daimler-Chrysler (October 1999) announced the successful completion of NECAR 4 (new electric car), which uses fuel cell technology to generate electricity and water vapor.
Ballard's Mark 700 fuel cell is currently used in several prototype green automobiles, including DaimlerChrysler's Necar 4, Ford's P2000, Honda's FCX V1, and Nissan's FCV.