NECENational Ergonomics Conference and Exposition (workplace injuries)
NECENetworking European Citizenship Education
NECENorth East Centre of Excellence (UK)
NECENational Energy Center of Excellence (Bismarck State College; North Dakota)
NECENavy Entomology Center of Excellence (US Navy)
NECENaval Expeditionary Combat Enterprise
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The NECE initiated spatial repellent device testing and evaluation studies in Jacksonville, Florida, after careful evaluation of commercially available products and trends of use by DoD personnel.
Opcenito govoreci, zene psuju, a vulgarizmi se nece pronaci samo u govoru muskaraca.
Senator from Colorado; Kelly Brownell, Founder and Director, Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut; Mary Lou Hennrich, Executive Director, Community Health Partnership, Portland, Oregon; Teresa Nece, Director, Food and Nutrition, Des Moines Public Schools, Des Moines, Iowa; Susan K.
Pero sera nece sario, tambien, saber administrar mejor la memoria de nuestro heroe, para evitar el deterioro que se provoco antano.
(12) We decompose total current period capital expenditure into environmental capital spending (ECE) and nonenvironmental spending (NECE).
At the end of the decade, it was once again nece ssary to realize that the production of art is inseparable from considerations of where one belongs (or is thought of as belonging); every individual is a member of a plurality of families, biological and extended, so it becomes crucial to politicize the question of which are open, which closed.
He flirts with fascism when he demands that society "must recognize the nece ssity for order, hierarchy, and authority, both within science and in the interactions of science with the wider culture, if science is to function well in its own terms and maximize its usefulness to everyone else" (309).
With: Paul Barnett, Dermot Carroll, Lorcan Keating, Clive Worsley, Kevin Kearns, Suzanne Nece, Bernadette McCarthy, Pamela Wylie.
Petersburg, interning at Preserve the 'Burg, serving on the Ryan Nece Student Service Foundation, and co-chairing Relay For Life at Shorecrest, one of the Tampa Bay Area's largest fundraisers for the American Cancer Society.
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