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Lastly, our analyses confirm prior work identifying male managers as holding stronger creativity promoting values (Kwasniewska and Necka 2004), although other studies suggest no differences between genders (Wood et al.
Ilustraremos la propuesta de Necka (1986) tomando como ejemplo el de una persona con sobredotacion verbal, que puede buscar fama y fortuna a traves de la composicion de obras literarias (un motivo instrumental), pero al mismo tiempo tiene una fuerte sensacion de mision (motivacion intrinseca) o el deseo de llegar hacia otros para comunicar algo (motivacion expresiva).
The moderate strength, positive relationship between performance on the high demand working memory task and FSIQ was consistent with previous studies reporting a positive relationship between reasoning ability and intelligence and working memory capacity (Embretson, 1995; Kyllonen & Christal, 1990; Necka, 1992).
Jay Stream had three teachers and students dress in the pie box; Chris Necka, Peyton Gerleve, and Staci Gerleve.
Similar elements may be found in one of the most popular Polish theoretical concepts of creativity training, described as cognitive training (Necka, Orzechowski, Slabosz, & Szymura, 2005).
(1994) did not support Larson's hypothesis, there is accumulating evidence for a significant association between various measures of working memory, information processing and intelligence (e.g., Fry & Hale, 1996; Jurden, 1995; Just & Carpenter, 1992; Kyllonen & Christal, 1990; Necka, 1992).
Finally, contemporary theories of intelligence emphasize the role of limited capacity systems like working memory (e.g., Kyllonen & Christal, 1990; Necka. 1992).