NECMANew England County Metropolitan Area
NECMANew England Club Managers Association (est. 1914)
NECMANorth East Catchment Management Authority (Wodonga, Victoria, Australia)
NECMANew England Concrete Masonry Association (Manchaug, MA)
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This study aimed to procure additional records of the Inland Carpet Python in the NECMA, with particular focus on obtaining records and information on the habitat requirements of the species in the upper Murray catchment.
The MoU was signed by Director-General of NECMA Mohammed Khalfan Al Rumaithi and Starace.
We look forward to working very closely with ENEC over the coming months and years," said NECMA General Manager Mohamed Khalfan Matar Al Romaithi.
As noted in the text, metro areas are defined as metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), New England county metropolitan areas (NECMAs), or consolidated metropolitan statistical areas (CMSAs) if an MSA or NECMA belongs to a CMSA.
To maintain consistency with the PPS wage index and to obtain a reasonable degree of specificity in geographic variation, HCFA chose to calculate the construction cost index at the level of metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) and New England county metropolitan areas (NECMAs), which are the equivalent of MSAs in the New England area (Federal Register, 1986).
Harriman, Transactions of NECMA 68 (April 1900): 318-19.
Haven-Bridgeport-Stamford-Danbury-Waterbury CT NECMA is presented as a
(2018) including Bank Size, the log of gross total assets (GTA), HHI Deposits, local deposit concentration, Percent Metropolitan, the percent of bank deposits in metropolitan areas [Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) or New England County Metropolitan Areas (NECMAs)], Fee Income, the ratio of noninterest income to total income, Diversification, a measure of diversification across sources of income [1 - |(Net Interest Income - Other Operating Income)/(Total Operating Income)| following Laeven and Levine (2007)], and DWTAF, a dummy if a bank received Discount Window (DW) and/or Term Auction Facility (TAF) funding during the crisis.
20.3 201 (1) Metro areas refer to CMSAs, MSAs and(in New England) NECMAs. (2) 2000 African American population minus 1990 Affair American population as percent of 1990 African American population.
(4) These data are assembled first at the county level and then aggregated to the MSA level so that consistent MSA definitions (those defined in 1996) can be used (New England County Metropolitan Areas (NECMAs) are used in New England).
Urban areas were defined as metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) and New England county metropolitan statistical areas (NECMAs), and rural areas as all other areas.
The population comprises all areas in the United States defined by the Census Bureau as consolidated metropolitan statistical areas (CMSAs), metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), and New England county metropolitan areas (NECMAs) from 1980 to 1997--the period during which data were collected.