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NECRO-Dead (Prefix)
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Chronic hepatitis is defined as hepatic necro- inflammation (detectable by biochemical or histological methods) continuing for more than 6 months.
Topical treatment isn't enough--you've gotta get the neuro-, necro-, and hemotoxins out!
D E S C E N D A N T OED E C H E N E I D A E Echeneidae, Webster 2 (genus) S H O R T C O A T S shortcoats, see OED short-coat, 1649 quote C E R B E R U L U S ITIS animal: Camponotus cerberulus venturensis E N T E R O M E R E enteromere, see Webster2entero-, N E C R O L A T E R necrolater, Chambers, see necro- D I O U M A B A N A Dioumabana, Guinea, 11[degrees] 116' N, 9 [degrees] 08' W, NIMA A D A L E T A B A T Adaletabat, Turkey, 38[degrees] 58 N, 42[degrees] 42' W, NIMA N A T U R E N A M E nature-name, see OED nature V.15.