NECSNorth of England Commissioning Support (UK)
NECSNational Electronic Conveyancing System (Australia)
NECSNew England Centenarian Study
NECSNew England Communications Systems (Motorola dealer; Chicopee, MA)
NECSNavy Embedded Computer System
NECSNew England Cheesemaking Supply (Ashfield, MA)
NECSNationwide Educational Computer Service
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References in classic literature ?
Bernard saith, non est jam dicere, ut populus sic sacerdos; quia nec sic populus ut sacerdos.
I could plainly discover whence one family derives a long chin; why a second has abounded with knaves for two generations, and fools for two more; why a third happened to be crack-brained, and a fourth to be sharpers; whence it came, what Polydore Virgil says of a certain great house, NEC VIR FORTIS, NEC FOEMINA CASTA; how cruelty, falsehood, and cowardice, grew to be characteristics by which certain families are distinguished as much as by their coats of arms; who first brought the pox into a noble house, which has lineally descended scrofulous tumours to their posterity.
"Nec bella fuerunt, Faginus astabat dum scyphus ante dapes." "Nor wars did men molest, When only beechen bowls were in request."
Nec gemino bellum Trojanum orditur ab ovo --do you understand that?" says he, with a keen look.
Aesopo ingentem statuam posuere Attici, Servumque collocarunt aeterna in basi: Patere honoris scirent ut cuncti viam; Nec generi tribui sed virtuti gloriam.
If we had the happiness of having invented this very veracious tale, and of being, in consequence, responsible for it before our Lady Criticism, it is not against us that the classic precept, Nec deus intersit , could be invoked.
Ward's NEC developed out of his now famous New York Times article ("American Theatre: For Whites Only?"), which is virtually repeated in Wilson's current TCG demands.
GroundNEXTAR is a high-quality ground system package developed by NEC based on the expertise the company has acquired through approximately 60 years working on the development and production of satellites and construction of ground systems.
Besides holding the position of general Director of NEC Solutions Vietnam, Mr Tominaga is also the Associate Senior Vice President of NEC Soft Ltd.
NEC Corporation of Malaysia will continue to be headed by Mr Daisaku Takeuchi, the Managing Director of the previous two companies.
NEC Corp Malaysiaobtained its ISO 9000 certification on 1 November 2002 and the MSC status in January 2003.
Based in Singapore, NEC Asia remains the regional headquarters for NEC Corporation in the Asia Pacific region, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and India, and this integration will further boost the customer service support that it currently provides to its customers, and allows NEC Asia to adapt quickly to its customers' demands and market changes.