NECSELNovalux Extended Cavity Surface Emitting Laser
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Our unique NECSEL technology is ideal for many current and future projection display applications.
NECSEL technology combines mass volume manufacturability with excellent optical performance.
Called NECSEL (Novalux Extended Cavity Surface Emitting Laser), this new technology enables elegant, scalable, active laser platforms and solutions for achieving greater information bandwidth across long haul, metro and local access communications systems.
Also being announced today: Aram Mooradian, founder, chief technical officer and the creator of the NECSEL, will be available to share for the first time the technical details of Novalux's breakthrough at the Optical Fiber in Communications Conference (OFC) in Anaheim this week.
The NECSEL is really a very flexible platform," said Aram Mooradian.
It is the nature of the NECSEL as a surface-emitting laser that makes it possible to produce high volumes of pump lasers very quickly and efficiently in our own, highly automated fabs," said Malcolm Thompson, CEO of Novalux.
This financial support brings us one step closer to fully realizing the advantages of the NECSEL platform in performance, manufacturing, assembly, packaging and testing.
We believe this, coupled with the inherent advantages of the NECSEL, will enable Novalux to deliver superior products to the market, and introduce the optical fiber world to volume manufacturing of lasers," notes William Harding, Ph.
The NECSEL platform has significant advantages over today's edge-emitting pump lasers in generating, amplifying and distributing light in optical fibers.
The quantum leap in price/performance that NECSEL brings promises to enable a paradigm change in the telecommunications marketplace.
Called NECSEL (Novlaux Extended Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers), this new technology enables elegant scalable active laser platforms and solutions for achieving greater information bandwidth across long haul access and metro communications systems.
NECSELs, on the other hand, produce a much higher power in a perfectly circular beam emitted from the surface of the chip.