NECSPNew England Coalition for Sustainable Population
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Trends revealed that NECSP breeding materials have begun to appear in the pedigrees of recently developed NCSP, SCSP, and SCSU cultivars.
Primary Primary growing cropping region systems Cluster ([dagger]) ([double dagger]) A([paragraph]) NEC NECSP B NEC NECSP C NEC NECSP D NEC NECSP E NEC NECSP F([paragraph]) NEC NECSP G([paragraph]) NEC NECSP H([paragraph]) NEC NECSP I([paragraph]) NEC NECSP J NEC NECSP K NC NCSP L NC NCSP M([paragraph]) NC NCSU N NC NCSU O NC NCSU P NC NCSU Q SC SCSU R([paragraph]) SC SCSP S([paragraph]) SC SCSP T SC SCSP Total Primary province Cluster of origin Mean CP A([paragraph]) Heilongjiang 0.
double dagger]) NECSP = spring planting in northeastern China,