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NECTNifurtimox-Eflornithine Combination Therapy (sleeping sickness treatment)
NECTNorth of England Civic Trust (UK)
NECTNorth East China Transect
NECTNeo Education and Charitable Trust (Gujarat, India)
NECTNon-Enhanced Computed Tomography (aka Noncontrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography)
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To date, no study comparing NECT to CECT of the brain, utilising 64-slice CT technology, has been published.
The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of occult abnormalities on an NECT of the brain (done on a 64-slice CT scanner), if a CECT was omitted.
Previously reported GHRH secreting NECT were usually large enough to be seen on CT scan of abdomen and chest respectively.
9) Long acting somatostatin analog octreotide can inhibit GHRH secretion from NECT as well as GH secretion from anterior pituitary gland directly.
NECT, meanwhile, whose work also includes tackling dereliction on the high street and in the countryside, has already enjoyed previous venture into the arts.
We strongly support the alignment of our products with initiatives designed to increase consumers' access to technology," said Mike Piehl, product line marketing manager for the Visual Systems Division at NECT.
NECT NVQ training manager Gordon Bennett said: "The first two are delivered in-house and the latter two in conjunction with Sunderland College and Northumberland College.
Following advice from Dickinson Dees, and extensive rebuilding and careful refurbishment by NECT, the buildings have both been brought back into use.
With the Versa M Series, NECT has created a new class of high- performance, versatile notebooks for the power user," said Agnes Imregh, NECT's vice president of computer marketing.
In a way, it's something that con, nects with the whole classical tradition-and when I say classical tradition, I don't mean exclusively European.
The new Samsung Airtrack has four models that offer a portable, sleek and affordable audio soluA[degrees]tion, that's wireless to boot and comes with a subwoofer that conA[degrees] nects with the sound bar automatA[degrees] ically once powered on.
The Business Gateways National Business Framework is an online framework that conA[degrees] nects a growing group of compaA[degrees] nies worldwide, bridging a gap that helps bring together new resource partners leverage the positioning of local products in the global market.