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NECTNifurtimox-Eflornithine Combination Therapy (sleeping sickness treatment)
NECTNorth of England Civic Trust (UK)
NECTNorth East China Transect
NECTNeo Education and Charitable Trust (Gujarat, India)
NECTNon-Enhanced Computed Tomography (aka Noncontrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography)
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All patients underwent an NECT directly followed by a CECT of the brain.
Reviewers were blinded to their own interpretation of the NECT when the CECT was evaluated and vice versa.
4 brain NECT would be normal scans and the prevalence of undiagnosed abnormalities on NECT as compared to CECT would be 0.
Subsequent evaluation by all three reviewers excluded patients with subtle abnormalities on NECT, reducing the sample size to 726.
Measurement of GHRH arteriovenous gradient across NECT, measurement of GHRH or mRNA for GHRH in resected tumor and post operative decline in GHRH level can confirm the ectopic source.
Table 1: Scan protocol for PCT, NECT and CECT brain.
I wish him well in this position and look forward to working together with the NECT to improve the education sector and make a meaningful impact for all of our learners, said Minister Motshekga.
NECT is one of only five training organisations nationally accredited to deliver Fencing NVQ and the only one between the West Midlands and Central Scotland.
Following advice from Dickinson Dees, and extensive rebuilding and careful refurbishment by NECT, the buildings have both been brought back into use.
The new Samsung Airtrack has four models that offer a portable, sleek and affordable audio soluA[degrees]tion, that's wireless to boot and comes with a subwoofer that conA[degrees] nects with the sound bar automatA[degrees] ically once powered on.
Visa Inc is a global payments technology company that con- nects consumers, businesses, banks and governments in more than 200 countries and territories.
Notonlydowe love to support regional talent, but their international sound and genuine talent reflects the personality of our Q3 and con- nects with our customers.