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NECTNon-Enhanced Computed Tomography (aka Noncontrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography)
NECTNifurtimox-Eflornithine Combination Therapy (sleeping sickness treatment)
NECTNorth of England Civic Trust (UK)
NECTNorth East China Transect
NECTNeo Education and Charitable Trust (Gujarat, India)
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The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of occult abnormalities on an NECT of the brain (done on a 64-slice CT scanner), if a CECT was omitted.
Previously, CT perfusion performed soon after the initial NECT has been supported as being a safe and efficacious strategy for imaging tissue at risk [22].
As MEN-1 patients can have both pituitary tumors and NECT, it seems reasonable to screen all MEN-1 patients with acromegaly for ectopic GHRH induced acromegaly (Table 3).
16areas were having hypodensity on NECT marked as Area A; 12 surrounding areas showing increased time to peak and minimal change in cerebral blood volume as Area B and 22 apparently normal TTP with the opposite hemisphere marked as C(Table 2).
NECT subsequently liaised with the tenants of both Nunthorpe Hall Farm and the Blacksmith's Yard in preparing their development guidance.
In this study, 3.28% of cases had pathology missed by 3 readers on the NECT. Re-evaluation by the panel reduced this to 1.42%, indicating a reading error of 1.85%.
FIGURE 2: Invasive thymoma: Axial NECT (a) thorax in a 44yr old male patient with cough and breathlessness, showing soft tissue density mass with specks of calcifications in the anterior mediastinum.
NECT will now begin public consultations on whether the visitor centre scheme should go ahead or what other uses the local community and other bodies suggest for the site.
Says Chris: "All schools will hear the countdown to the 3pm singing deadline for this wonderful opportunity for the young people of Europe's nect capital of culture to lead by example.
COMPUTER TOMOGRAPHY: As the above findings are confirmed with NECT scan.