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NECTARNetwork for Effective Collaboration Technologies Through Advanced Research
NECTARNew Era Classroom Technology and Research (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
NECTARNational Electronic Clinical Trials and Research Network
NECTARNorth East Combined Transport Activists Roundtable (UK)
NECTARNetherlands Expertise Centre for Tropical Apicultural Resources (est. 1990; Netherlands)
NECTARNanostructured Energy Conversion Technology and Research (University of California, Santa Cruz)
NECTARNetwork of European CNS (Central Nervous System) Transplantation and Restoration (research organization)
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TABLE I BIRD SPECIES ASSOCIATED WITH Passiora mixta FLOWERS Species NR1 NR2 LV Heliangelus mavors (Trochilidae) + + - Metallura tyrianthina (Trochilidae) - + - Coeligena eos (Trochilidae) - + - Colibri coruscans (Trochilidae) - + - Diglossa gloriosa (Thraupidae) + + - Diglossa sittoides (Thraupidae) + + - Icterus chrysater (Icteridae) + - - Ensifera ensifera (Trochilidae) - - + NR1: primary nectar robbers, NR2: secondary nectar robbers, LV: legitimate visitor.
Ornithologists Alejandro Rico-Guevara and Margaret Rubega of the University of Connecticut built transparent flowers to allow them to film high-speed, magnified footage of hummingbird tongues flicking into nectar.
1997) identified saccharidosis, glucose and fructose, besides 16 amino acids (lysine, histidine, aspartic acid, asparagine, threonine, serine, glutamic acid, glycine, alanine, cystine, valine, methionine, isoleukin, leukin, glutamine and phenylalanine) in the floral nectar of this plant.
This is our biggest-ever Nectar points giveaway and it's our way of rewarding Sainsbury's Nectar shoppers for their loyalty," said customer director Gwyn Burr.
Flower nectar is primarily comprised of sugars, which provide energy for the potential pollinators.
Agave nectar (or syrup), made from a succulent that grows in Mexico, is in hot demand.
On these days, keepers have held events across the zoo site to raise awareness and funds for the charitable causes, but we've also been boosting the individual totals with money raised through sales of PS1 nectar pots in Lorikeet Lookout on the specific days.
With the Nectar platform, Aimia aims to put their analytics expertise into use by rewarding the users for their purchases.
Worryingly, Nectar is just the latest in a line of rewards schemes to be targeted.
Efficient tongues matter in the strenuous life of a nectar specialist.
Ethanol has been recorded in floral nectar within a variety of studies, e.