NEDCCNew England Document Conservation Center (Andover, MA)
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NEDCC recruited and cultivated long-term relationships with a core faculty of nationally recognized experts.
In 2000, with support of IMLS, NEDCC produced a textbook for the School for Scanning, entitled Handbook for Digital Projects (Sitts, 2000).
With more than 92 percent of cultural institutions in the United States currently digitizing from source materials, according to a 2005 NEDCC survey, the audience is far more sophisticated and a greater percentage of attendees are practitioners.
In carrying out this project, NEDCC has formed strategic partnerships with the Musemn Computer Network, Heritage Preservation, and the Center for Research Libraries.
Indeed, a recent audience survey performed by NEDCC as part of a business planning study indicated that, among a wide choice of current and potential educational topics, School for Scanning ranked as the number one need.
Even more than its publications, the School for Scanning has put NEDCC on the map in a new way and made it a national source for continuing education on cutting-edge preservation issues.
Up to this time, NEDCC has been reluctant to fragment the audience.
NEDCC has recently obtained IMLS funding for a new conference on digital preservation, entitled Persistence of Memory: Stewardship of Digital Assets.