NEDDNew England Digital Distribution (Woburn, MA)
NEDDNatural Environments Definition for Design
NEDDNo Error Drug Dispenser
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For instance, when NEDD was implementing a new IT system conversion or when we had to prepare to operate under the Affordable Care Act, we all were motivated to work the extra hours because of our shared passion for serving our customers and making our organization, our team, strong.
We are very pleased to have NEDD as a distributor of our FiberLeap(TM) products," said Steve Ward, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales of Telaxis.
NEDD offers a specialized alternative for municipalities like MWRA and other private network operators in the New England business community to deploy turnkey microwave radio communications systems.
NEDD is in the business of helping customers in the New England municipal, business and educational communities design, implement and maintain state-of-the-art microwave communications networks with the highest level of reliability and security," said Lisa Curran Metz, director of Sales, from NEDD.