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245 [??]anne we haue nede of, for to seme to vs selfholier, cunnyng, wiser [??]anne we ben.
aastaga: see oleks juba kolmas kord, mil mAaAaAeA ned "saarlased" tegutsev samas sihis mAaAaAeA nede "sakalastega".
The opening phrase "the fair field of want" and the formula "nede ne hath no lawe" together focus on the general panorama of poverty that results from the unfair distribution of wealth.
Window not found." Instead, "hysteresis asserts in full its moral latency" (my emphasis), meaning roughly that a system, being temporal (or complex), is never at one with itself, is always falling short of itself, or can inhabit (like one's umoored mind) more than a single state at any given time: "Thought is free, nede ne hath no lawe, from severance or drawn conflation, in the limit of close approach liminal not boundary, variance closer to its own zero word for word reflected, can 'pay for' this mass displacement against gravity" "Thought is free": as Tristram Shandy knew, nothing (not even the gravity of reason) can keep it down, much less on track.
Rom, "La theorie de lalu nede Delaunay et son prolongement," Comptes Rendus del' Academie des Sciences, vol.
With his definition of existence in Copenhagen as "pa et tynd blad mellem oppe og nede" (living on a fineline between above and below) (Holm 61), Holm elaborates on the notion that both the city's development and urban living are at a turning point at the end of the 1960s.
Ornegin cevre bilincinin artmasi, teknolojik gelisme ya da ekonomik durgunluk gibi nede nler de soz konusu cevresel iyilesmede rol oynayabilmektedir.
Although swete cosyn ye be wyse ynoughe of your selfe, nor nede not other mens counsel, yet for [y.sup.e] old frendeshyp (veteri nostrae amicitiae) contynued from our chylhode (prope cunabilis) betwyxte vs & also for your kyndnes towardes me / & finally because of the streyght alyaunce betwyxte vs: I thought it my duty (if I wolde be the man whom ye always haue take me for / that is to say your frend and louer) of such thynges as iudged to belonge moste to the preseruation and dygnyte of you and yours / gladly and frely to aduertyse you.
"The Key to Nede" tells the story of orphaned Billy Owen and his friend Sarah, as they find their way to the mystical land of Nede, under fire from a power obsessed prince with plots to conquer Nede and Billy's world.
II Anima Bona: Whanne waste that we the clothes brought, Or visite the in any nede, Or in thi sikenes we the sought?