NEDENew England Dance Ensemble
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This name shold not be only called in [thorn]e perille of de[thorn]e but in euery nede [thorn]at fallyth to man.
NEDE performers include students from southern New Hampshire and area communities, who were selected by audition to perform in this production.
I trowe, certes, that our goode man Hath yow laboured sith the nyght bigan That yow were nede to resten hastily.
Ayrica, evreleme sistemlerinin cesitliligi, etiyolojide farkli hastaliklarin yer almasi ve uygulanan cerrahi tekniklerin merkezler arasinda farklilik gostermesi nede niyle de tedavi etkinliginin degerlendirildigi calismalari karsilastirmak guc olmaktadir.
A woman had nede to worke more warely, when bothe the disprayse of vices and the prayse of vertue is imputed to her selfe" alone.
Zelomye: With honde lete me now towch and fele Yf ze haue nede of medycyn.
REGINA: A, lady, hellp in bis nede, hat in bis flod we drench natt
So atte last he fond oon and set it on his hede, For as the case was fall, thereto he had grete nede.
A spending hand that alway powreth owte Had nede to have a bringer in as fast, And on the stone that still doeth tourne abowte There groweth no mosse: these proverbes yet do last.
NEDE is a comprehensive database-matching service that assists residential utility service providers and marketers with detection of application fraud and recovery of unpaid balances.
15) Ac an [thorn]ing bu scealt nede [thorn]aeran witan: forhwy God is gehaten sio hehste ecnes,
Pore folke pleyne hem for no nede,-- These riche men dothe so grete almesse