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NEDSNetwork Equipment Development Standards
NEDSNew Economy Depression Syndrome
NEDSNational Emission Data System
NEDSNavy Electronics Directives System
NEDSNonviolent Explosive Destructive System
NEDSNetwork Domain Selection
NEDSNORAD Element Data Set
NEDSNavy Environmental Display Station
NEDSNew Enlisted Distribution System
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In addition to scale, Neds' proprietary technology complements and enhances the Group's existing operations in Australia.
There is no legal difference between executive and non-executive directors (NEDs); they have the same legal duties and responsibilities.
"These payments were made as a result of the chairman and the NEDs working a significant number of additional hours over a long period to ensure completion and approval of our business cases for the new Royal - a major project for the city.
Jo, who is co-founder of Cracking Boards, said: "Having held over 40 NED positions in my career, I have seen the good, the bad and the distinctly ugly.
Violence being a predominant feature in "Neds," Mullan explains that it was crucial for him to choreograph fight scenes in a way that kept them grounded and believable.
Though featuring some of the most repugnant school antics since Ed Norton's American History X (1998), NEDS never properly explains why John should become sucked into a world of violence himself.
AS UK non-executive directors settle for lower pay rises - but still an inflation-busting average of 15.6% - the Gazette and its sister paper the Journal in Newcastle sets out to celebrate the contribution of the NED to local business.
One laughing ned then risked serious burns by filming through a gap in the window as rockets and bangers explode inside.
Bill MacLeod, partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Newcastle, said: "Results suggest that the rate of fee increases has slowed, while the duties expected of NEDs continues to increase.
The product identifies and minimises the risks faced by nonexecutive directors (NEDs) before any adverse events might occur, according to the firm.
The Combined Code recommends that there should be a strong and independent non-executive element in the composition of any board, and that there should also be a sufficient balance of executive directors and NEDs to prevent undue influence being exerted by a small number of directors.