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NEDSSNational Electronic Disease Surveillance System
NEDSSNational Electronic Data Surveillance System
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Along came H1N1, and because we had a standards-based disease surveillance system, we could rapidly customize that data capture mechanism to adjust to the peculiarities of that condition as it was emerging," says Doug Hamaker, NEDSS coordinator, Texas Department of State Health Services.
Realization of NEDSS begins with a central data repository hosted by the CDC.
NEDSS does not define which surveillance systems or NBS modules should be included, which enables state departments to make the decision regarding what information should be under surveillance based on the needs and resources available.
In addition to secure, Internet-based reporting, NEDSS supports ELR.
The experiences of three state health departments illustrate capabilities provided through NEDSS and PHIN that have improved the practice of public health.
Guidance for fiscal year 2001 supplemental funds for epidemiology and laboratory capacity for infectious diseases (ELC) cooperative agreement [ELC supplement A- NEDSSS FY2001: New activities]: National electronic disease surveillance system (NEDSS) activities.
NEDSS will attempt to address some of these concerns by taking an approach significantly different from that used in the past.
The plan is for NEDSS to use information technology so that it is easier for public health agencies to electronically receive and process information about reportable diseases.
Rhapsody has helped us streamline and automate the process for messaging laboratory data into our disease surveillance system, increasing the accuracy of the data within that system as well as saving us money and a lot of time," said Doug Hamaker of the Texas Department of State Health Services, a beta site for the NEDSS project.
NEDSS addresses the limitations of existing surveillance systems through the use of off-the-shelf and standards based software.
By integrating SiteScape's industry-leading collaboration technology, we have a complete public health information system that will support NEDSS requirements or integrate with current NEDSS implementations and/or HAN solutions," said Bob Angelo, Metatomix president and CEO.
Sierra Systems' engagement entails an analysis of the current DOH/BEHRA disease surveillance systems and associated business processes to assess their readiness to function as a node in the nationwide NEDSS system.