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NEEANorthwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (Portland, Oregon)
NEEANational Energy Efficiency Agency (est. 2006; Ministry of Minerals and Energy; South Africa)
NEEANational Education Examination Authority (China)
NEEANational Estuarine Eutrophication Assessment (joint initiative)
NEEANew England Energy Alliance (Boston, MA)
NEEANational Environmental Education Act of 1990
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Mark Rehley, John Jennings, and Peter Wilcox were the NEEA project leads.
NorthWestern Energy and NEEA provided training and support to develop a strategic energy management (SEM) plan with the organizations.
Os resultados demonstraram que entre as rizosferas das especies acumuladoras de P como Neea macrophylla e Cecropia palmata nao houve diferencas significativas quanto as concentracoes de P organico, P disponivel, atividade da enzima fosfatase acida, C organico do solo e C organico da biomassa microbiana conforme a analise multivariada atraves da aplicacao do teste de Hotelling (Tabela 1).
Differential flower herbivory and gall formation on males and females of Neea psychotrioides, a dioecious tree.
Otros trabajos aluden a estudios particulares sobre especies (dioicas), tal es el caso de Neea psychotroides sobre la variacion intersexual en la herbivoria de flores y formacion de agallas (Wofle 1997).
Members of NEEA include a dozen regional utilities, the Energy Trust of Oregon and the Bonneville Power Administration.
Gentry X 229 Myrsinaceae Ardisia sp1 X 239 Myrsinaceae Myrsine sp1 X X 240 Myrsinaceae Myrsine sp2 X 241 Myrtaceae Eugenia sp1 X X X 242 Myrtaceae Eugenia sp2 X X X 243 Myrtaceae Eugenia sp3 X 244 Myrtaceae Myrcia sp1 X 245 Nyctaginaceae Neea sp1 X X 246 Nyctaginaceae Neea sp2 X 247 Olacaceae Heisteria acuminata (Humb.
NEEA was the first of 12 utility organizations in the U.
Mike O'Brien of the NEEA says making the connection between workplace comfort and productivity has proven an effective way to get business owners' and building managers' attention.
NYCTAGINACEAE Guapira noxia (Netto) Lundell AP Guapira venosa (Choisy) Lundell AP X Neea oppositifolia Ruiz & Pav.
Richard Neea joined Enoch Evans in 2007 and since qualifying as a solicitor in 2009 has been part of the private client team providing advice on wills, trusts, tax and probate.