NEECSNational Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy (New Zealand)
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In contrast, NEECs often demonstrate aneuploidy, p53, and PPP2R1A mutations, p16 dysregulation, and significantly less frequent alterations within the PI3K pathway than in EECs.
PTEN inactivation can be due to either gene mutation, promoter methylation, or protein degradation, which lead to loss of expression, or to a lesser extent, loss of heterozygosity PTEN alterations are present in 20% of endometrial hyperplasia cases, in 55% of precancerous lesions, in 35-80% of EEC, and in 10% of NEECs [17-22].
PK3CA mutations appear in 25-36% of EECs and in 15% of NEECs and they often coincide with PTEN mutations [23-26].