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NEEDSNational Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (Nigeria)
NEEDSNational Engineering Education Delivery System
NEEDSNikkei Economic Electronic Databank System
NEEDSNational Egg & Embryo Donation Society
NEEDSNavy Employee Development Education Development System
NEEDSNational Environment and Ecology Defence Society
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Then they will need a market-place, and a money-token for purposes of exchange.
Maud gave an incredulous sniff, and wondered why "big girls need to be so dreadful mysterious about their old secrets.
You don't need milk, Eureka," remarked Dorothy; "you are big enough now to eat any kind of food.
I shall order you destroyed in a few minutes, so you will have no need to ruin our pretty melon vines and berry bushes.
My friend who is holding the horse at the gate is the daughter of a very rich blacksmith, and doesn't need any money.
Simpson, and the Simpson family; their poverty, their joyless life, and their abject need of a banquet lamp to brighten their existence.
I think nothing,' said Kim, 'but that I am grieved to go, for I am very weary; and that we need food.
These cattle' - she did not condescend to look at them - 'are thine for so long as thou shalt need.
I do not need anything,' said Kim, angered where he should have been grateful.
Two of her students have significant special needs, while one other is learning English as a second language.
A separate vertical assessment needs to be made for on-demand outsourcing services as the vertical market drivers for on-demand services vary from those of traditional IT outsourcing contracts.
Spell out the needs and expectations of both the audit committee and senior management, especially with respect to the focus and resource allocation needed.