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Neeg," tells the folktale from the tiger's perspective:
as a monster, spirit, or ghost), the Neeg (a human being or person), and
Furthermore, they believe that a "txiv neeg," who is part of the clan, provides results that heals and treats a family member's illness; a counselor is an outsider, who is not part of the family or clan, and cannot be trusted (Tatman, 2004).
According to Tatman (2001), the Hmong community is opposed to seeking mental health services as they prefer the txiv neeg (shaman) to heal and treat their illnesses and view the counselor as an outsider who is not part of the family or clan and cannot be trusted.
It wasn't until I overheard one of my best childhood friends' mother telling her to never bring me over again because nws niam thiab txiv yog neeg tsis zoo, nws yog lawv noob, yuav phem ib yam li lawv (her parents are bad people, she is their seed, she will be just as bad as them)." Quoted from the blog: A Hmong Woman,
--, Dab Neeg Kwv Txhiaj Keeb Kwm Nyob Moos Laj (Javouhey: Patrimoine Culturel Hmong, 1992).
(14) see the 3 volumes of "Dab Neeg Hmoob" ((1985) from the Hmong in Laos published by Fr.
Responses to the question "Are the elderly more vulnerable to diabetes?" (Cov neeg laus puas muaj ntshav qab zib dua?) revealed a belief that the elderly are more susceptible to diabetes (61%).
The analyses of the shamanistic liturgy, the myths of creation, the funeral chants txiv xaiv, the wedding chants, zaj tshoob (2), and the folktales (dab neeg) show that Hmong cosmology is composed of three worlds connected by the central pillar of the house, or axis mundi in the Hmong culture.