NEERSNew England Estuarine Research Society
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“And to avoid the foe’s pursuit, With spurring put their cattle to’t; And till all four were out of wind, And danger too, neer looked behind.”—Hudibras.
They ferry over this LETHEAN Sound Both to and fro, thir sorrow to augment, And wish and struggle, as they pass, to reach The tempting stream, with one small drop to loose In sweet forgetfulness all pain and woe, All in one moment, and so neer the brink; But fate withstands, and to oppose th' attempt MEDUSA with GORGONIAN terror guards The Ford, and of it self the water flies All taste of living wight, as once it fled The lip of TANTALUS.
Ask the engi neer. He can't do without an engineer--don't you see--and as no respectable man can be expected to put up with such a table, he allows them fifteen dol lars a month extra mess money.
Before NEERs was suspended, the system forced more than 80,000 men and boys from predominately Arabic and Muslim-influenced countries to register.
"NEERs was a completely failed counterterrorism tool," Joanne Lin, who provides legislative counsel for ACLU, one of the many groups participating in the march, ( told  the Guardian. "It was in effect for nearly a decade, but NSEERS didn't yield a single terrorism conviction.
Neer's work helps explain that, after years of smouldering in embers of ethical ambiguity, napalm flared in the "court of worldwide public opinion" (p.
Neer's second strength details America's academic, industrial, and military development of napalm during World War II.
Provocatively, Neer suggests that as war in the Pacific drew to a close, "the Bomb got the press, but napalm did the work" (p.
For instance, Neer sketches public responses to three pieces published in 1967 by "magazines at opposite ends of U.S.