NEETFNational Environmental Education and Training Foundation
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According to NEETF surveys conducted by Roper Public Affairs at NOP World, 95 percent of American adults endorse environmental education in schools.
Bartlett, chairman of the NEETF board of trustees and vice chairman of Mary Kay Holding Corp.
NEETF's goal for National Environmental Education Week is to increase the amount of EE taking place in America's classrooms and draw educators' attention to the value and importance of EE for environmental leadership and stewardship," says Samantha Blodgett, manager of environmental education at NEETF.
The Pesticides Initiative is "an excellent model to apply to other environmental health issues," says Leyla Erk McCurdy, senior director of NEETF.
For example, several individuals committed to seeking endorsements from national professional associations of the initiative's companion booklets--National Pesticide Competency Guidelines for Medical & Nursing Education and National Pesticide Practice Skills Guidelines for Medical & Nursing Practice, both published in January 2003 by NEETF.
NEETF will conduct a six-month follow-up survey to assess the progress that participants make on their commitments and the short-term goals of the forum.
In its mission to support environmental education, NEETF initiates programs and public/private partnerships that will result in an environmentally knowledgeable public, environmentally competent professionals and environmentally capable leaders and policy makers.
The NEETF report follows the seminal 1998 State Education and Environment Roundtable report Closing the Achievement Gap: Using the Environment as an Integrating Context for Education, which examined 40 schools in 12 states and detailed the success of environment-based programs in motivating student interest and improving academic achievement.
The NEETF report recommends creating an Office of Ombudsman for the Environment to establish links among the Department of Education, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Science Foundation, and other federal agencies concerned with U.