NEFCNew England Football Conference
NEFCNew Evolution Fitness Company
NEFCNew England Fiberoptic Council (Chestnut Hill, MA)
NEFCNortheast Fisheries Center
NEFCNative Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
NEFCNortheast Foundation for Children, Inc. (est. 1981; Turners Falls, MA)
NEFCNot Even Flipping Considered (polite form)
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NEFC offers Responsive Classroom on-site consulting services to schools and districts; workshops and institutes for educators in locations around the country; and numerous books, videos, and other resources for teachers and administrators.
NEFC members have confirmed in their interviews the diversification strategies that are bound to enhance their market shares even in an uncertain environment for new capital infusion for the industry.
The NEFC study shows that half of the dogs placed on farms, 233 of 449 dogs, were still working six years later ("Survivorship," p.
As part of the sale to NEFC, CEO Tim Miller has resigned from the business in his current capacity but will stay involved as an advisor.
Arbusto, along with the vessel Captains (ex-officio) formed the Vessels Subcommittee for liason with NOANs Atlantic Marine Center, which is responsible for vessel operations, and oversaw those activities involving the NOAA research vessels Albatross IV and Delaware II, assigned to NEFC and its Laboratories.
This process of reorganization, along with the ongoing involvement of NEFC, will allow Crunch to emerge as a strong player focused on what we have become famous for: being the place where entertainment meets fitness," said Tim Miller, CEO of Crunch.
By 1985, doors conforming to the NEFC specifications were no longer available, necessitating a change to all steel polyvalent doors.
She retired from NEFC in 2011 after 26 years with the foundation, 10 of them as executive director.
The grant will enable NEFC to increase its capacity to provide ongoing Responsive Classroom professional development to educators in large U.
We kind of stuck it to them,'' said Holfinger, who was named NEFC Defensive Player of the Week for his efforts.
It is very exciting to now be directly offering our Responsive Classroom professional development and award-winning resources to educators in all 50 states and beyond," says Lora Hodges, Executive Director of NEFC.
The single most important factor in achieving the standards is teachers with instructional prowess," says NEFC executive director Lora Hodges.