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NEFSNetwork Extensible File System
NEFSNational Equity Fund Scheme (Industrial Development Bank of India)
NEFSNevada Equal Franchise Society (women's rights)
NEFSNational Epidemiologic Follow-Up Studies
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Hence the meaning of the line is clear: "The nefs is a killer; it's a killer.
In that sense, it is very accurate that the show is titled "Nefs," or flesh.
When the Nefs and the ChapUs met in France the next summer, Evelyn related, "Marc invited us into his atelier, the inner sanctum that few persons were privileged to see.
The ethical dimension of Sufism especially through training, or rather, breaking the pride of self or ego, that is, their nefs, helps them to overcome the difficulties they may encounter in their everyday lives.
"To our complete surprise, we found several red dwarf binaries with orbital periods significantly shorter than the 5 hour cut-off found for Sun-like stars, something previously thought to be impossible," said Bas Nefs from Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands, and lead author of the paper.
Originally eclectic and claiming indifference to aesthetic quarrels and cultural pettiness, it became the organ of the philistines, as it glorified stately houses, silver nefs, and shooting.