NEFSCNortheast Fisheries Science Center
NEFSCNew England Figure Skating Club
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Quarterly growth matrices were derived from average length-at-age data from the NEFSC spring (1984-2011, n=3026), fall (1983-2010, n=3381), and winter (1992-2007, 71=3390) surveys, and from commercial catch data from a summer survey (2012, n=59).
NEFSC and NOAA contributed the majority of funding for PEP.
The sea scallop fishery stock is monitored by means of both dredge surveys (DuPaul and Rudders (2); NEFSC (3)), and drop-camera surveys (Jacobson et al.
However, there were a few occasions in the following years when some funding was transferred to the NEFSC to finance observer coverage of the pelagic longline fleet fishing in the northern waters.
According to bottom-temperature data collected during the 1980 to 2013 NEFSC fall bottom trawl surveys (when water temperatures should be at or near maximum), the SNE region had a mean October temperature of 10.
The NEFSC since 1971 has conducted ichthyoplankton surveys multiple times annually along the northeastern U.
Large-scale seasonal movements and resulting distributional changes, both spatially and temporally, likely modify the availability of spiny dogfish to both the NEFSC bottom trawl survey and commercial fisheries.
There is an overall decreasing trend in relative abundance for the NEFSC time series during the years covered from 1966 to 1996 (Figure 2).
4) Unpublished data on file at the Food Web Dynatures Program, NOAA, NMFS, NEFSC, Woods Hole Lab.
The NEFSC and SEAMAP indices were chosen because the corresponding surveys showed wide geographic coverage, temporal coverage, or both; have been conducted consistently; and have provided evidence of regular encounters with Atlantic Croaker of different age groups (ASMFC; (1) Appendix 1).
Summer flounder, Paralichthys dentatus, is a valuable flatfish species that is highly sought by both commercial and recreational fishermen (National Marine Fisheries Service, 1999; NEFSC (1)).
We also thank the crew of the R/V Albatross IV and R/V Hugh Sharpe, and members of the Ecosystems Survey Branch of the NEFSC for assistance with sampling.