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NEGANew England Gas Association
NEGANippon Engine Generator Association (Japan)
NEGANippon Electric Glass America (various locations)
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During the meeting, Nega pointed to the need to coordinate efforts and develop the plan, saying it is a crucial move toward achieving peace and stability in Darfur.
But if you're interested, Google Amnesty International Nega - no pop stars, I'm afraid, just journalists.
Desse modo, podemos dizer que, no enunciado 1, o tipo de negacao instaura a polemica entre duas vozes, isto e, uma voz que diz que o conhecimento construido na universidade e importante e que o indigena precisa ter acesso e outra voz que nega esse conhecimento e, ao nega-lo, nega os elementos pressupostos no proprio tema da redacao do vestibular indigena em questao, a saber: o pressuposto 1, ha um conhecimento produzido na universidade; pressuposto 2, esse conhecimento e importante para os povos indigenas.
In the meeting, Salehi exchanged views with Negovan Fung Nega on ways to develop relations and promote cooperation between the two countries.
Those who had wanted to bury Meles now had to join the chorus of praise, which gave Hailemariam the opportunity to consolidate power, with the full backing and guidance of Sebhat Nega, a political dinosaur from Meles's Tigray ethnic group and one of the founders of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), the strongest faction of the ruling EPRDF coalition, and in whose ranks Meles grew to the top.
No que se nega, a poesia nega que o acesso ao sentido possa ser confundido com um modo qualquer de expressao ou de figuracao.
The meeting was held between Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi and visiting Vietnamese Deputy Foreign Minister in Asia and African Affairs Negovan Fung Nega.
Dissident writer Eskinder Nega was one of 24 Ethiopians who were convicted last month of conspiring with rebels to topple the government.
Addis Ababa, Sha'ban 23, 1433, July 13, 2012, SPA -- Ethiopia's High Court on Friday sentenced journalist Eskinder Nega to 18 years in jail, after he was found guilty on terrorism charges last month, dpa reported.
The Committee to Protect Journalists has condemned the harsh prison sentences issued by Ethiopia's High Court Friday for blogger Eskinder Nega and five independent journalists on what it has described as, 'vague and politically motivated terrorism charges'.
The acquisition will more than double the Brazilian business for Diageo, whose current cachaca offering comprises only the small Nega Fulo brand.
Fayssal Mikdad on Friday evening discussed with Ethiopia's Foreign Affairs State Minister Nega Tsegaye the situation in the Arab region and Africa and bilateral relations.