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NEGINational Energy Group, Inc. (Dallas, TX)
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Negi, who has never missed voting in any state or general election, is a VIP of sorts as there is full media glare when he goes out to vote.
YOGITA BHAYANA, SOCIAL ACTIVIST INVOLVED IN CASE Victim's father Kunwar Singh Negi ( left) sat on a fast at Jantar Mantar seeking justice for his daughter in 2014.
Negi agrees with Radia's philosphy on molecular gastronomy.
Tenzin Gyaltsen or Negi Lama, also called Khunu Lama, the lama from Kinnaur, was Kinnaur's most famous contemporary Buddhist saint.
Before emigrating, Negi had the poems of Llorens Torres on her walls, along with pinup photos of pop stars (208).
Promotion hopefuls Prestatyn were made to pay dearly for dropping Wavertree's pro Narinder Negi three times in their First Division home game.
Somalian Negi Dule, 37, is charged with false imprisonment, assault, theft and procuring a girl under the age of 21 to have unlawful sex with three men in Stepney, East London.
An autobiographical story based on the life of writer Esmeralda "Negi" Santiago, "Almost a Woman" follows the young Negi (Ana Maria Lagasca) as she adjusts to life in Gotham after moving from her native Puerto Rico.
Negi of the National Geophysical Research Institute opined recently that India "has nothing to worry about" when it comes to global warming, since India doesn't produce much greenhouse gas and, anyway, the higher levels of carbon dioxide will lead to "increased vegetation.
According to Janardhan Negi, emeritus scientist at the National Geophysical Research Institute in the southern city of Hyderabad, the station measured a seismic body magnitude of 5.
The decision is a vote of confidence that Nikkei views Trend Micro as a solid, well-managed company," said Mahendra Negi, Chief Financial Officer of Trend Micro, Inc.