NEGSTNairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (Kenya)
NEGSTNew Generation of Solar Thermal Systems (heating term)
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Third, African evangelical leaders and students at NEGST considered evangelistic activity in the African church to be one of their greatest strengths, while readily admitting that one of their greatest weaknesses was the inability of the African church to address the myriad of complex social problems such as poverty, HIV, corruption, illiteracy, and unemployment.
This theme of the church as a body was echoed repeatedly in my discussions with faculty members, leaders, and students at NEGST. In fact, any talk of Western departure or a moratorium on Western missions seemed offensive to leaders and students in the African church.
My research at NEGST revealed three possible ways the church in the West can work together with the African church in the now-missionized Global South.
(21) NEGST professors and administrators expressed gratitude for the valuable assistance provided by a team from Indianapolis, Indiana, that partnered with the IT department to teach advanced courses in computer technology.
One Kenya-born professor at NEGST observed that sometimes the "issue of partnerships is so difficult that all we can really do right now is talk about it." (23) He was speaking out of personal experience, for his ministry to orphans in Mombasa has a loose partnership with churches and supporters in the West.
Leaders and students at NEGST do not want the West to solve their problems, but they do want the West to help them.
(11.) Interview with James Nkansah, professor of theology at NEGST, March 24, 2006.
(12.) The students are Aquinas Angoli and Matthew Gonkerwon, who each wrote "An Opinion Paper Exploring the Relationship Between the Western Church and the African Church" (unpublished papers, NEGST, 2006); hereafter, "An Opinion Paper."
(16.) See, for example, an article by Mark Shaw, professor of historical studies at NEGST: "Great White Father," Christian History Magazine, October 1997.
During 2006-7 Jessup served in an administrative position at NEGST and provided helpful insights for exploring educational partnerships.