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As shown in Table 1, the Kayanic peoples inhabit over 70 administrative villages (desa), including annexed villages with different subgroups as well as other ethnic groups (such as Tering Baru, Long Hubung, Long Melaham, etc.), as well as those that have been newly opened since 1970 for logging, mining, and RESPEN (resettlement projects or transmigration) (Memahak Tebok, Nehes Liah Bing, Long Beluah, Long Telanjau, and Long Kendai).
37 Long Bentuk 1209 Long Way (G) Muara Wahau 38 Nehes Liah Bing / Selabing 2052 Wehea (G-B) (in L Wehea) + Kenyah + Kutai Malay etc.