NEHFNational Employee Health and Fitness Day (est. 1989)
NEHFNational Environmental Health Forum (Australia)
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The winner was Art Nehf, who had already lost two games in the series, while the loser was Waite Hoyt, who had already won two.
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The early edition of the day's paper, writes Baker, included "a long account of the heroic efforts of Henry Nehf, a druggist and volunteer fireman from Terre Haute, Indiana, whose body had been found in the remains of a burned and collapsed building, his right arm over his head, as if to fend off the ceiling, and his left around the nozzle of a fire hose.
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Advancing database technologies have increased the opportunity for businesses to acquire, use, and disseminate customer information (Miceli, Ricotta, and Costabile 2007; Nehf 2007; Youn 2009).
Nehf emphasizes that this problem is compounded by the domination of the industry by large conglomerates.
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