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Earlier in the day, residents in Nehm area, east of Sanaa, said a plane from the Arab-led alliance struck the home of a local leader of Yemen's armed Houthi group while he was out, killing his father and eight members of the family.
This poor understanding has been attributed to a wide variety of cognitive, epistemological, religious, and emotional factors, yet there are still remarkably few tools available for validly assessing students' reasoning about natural selection (Nehm, 2006; Nehm & Schonfeld, 2008).
Announcing charges against Mounir El Motassadeq, the only person in German custody in connection with the attacks, Mr Nehm said hijacker Marwan al-Shehhi mentioned the World Trade Centre explicitly as a target in a conversation with a librarian either in April or May 2000.
Elsewhere in Sana'a Province, Yemeni armed forces targeted vehicles belonging to Saudi mercenaries with missile attacks in the Nehm district.
Federal Prosecutor Kay Nehm says the owner of the firm, his wife and their two sons are suspected of membership in a criminal organisation and of using the textile trading firm to smuggle Islamic fundamentalists into Germany.
But federal prosecutor Mr Kay Nehm said new evidence gathered by UN inspectors indicated the plans Schaab sold were not for the outdated "subcritical" centrifuge as originally thought, but for a far more modern type.
The force of artillery and rocketry of saudi army shelled Dhaher district, Saada province while three saudi-led airstrikes hit Madfon area, Nehm district, Sanaa province, he said.
The strike hit Odhar village in the Nehm area, which has been at the center of renewed fighting between supporters of fugitive president Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and popular forces of Ansarullah group, The Daily Star reported.
German Chief Federal Prosecutor Kay Nehm charges Mournir Al Motassadeq, a 28-year-old Moroccan student, with 3,116 counts of being an accessory to murder in connection with Sept.
The official said that the missile force fired two ballistic missiles, Badr P-1 at the mercenaries' groups in Jawf and Nehm. In addition, the drones belonging to the air forces, supported by the artillery force, attacked the enemy's sites in Nehm district, he affirmed.
Who will give me my children back if they are killed?" said Saleem Naser, a local of Nehm whose house has been destroyed in air raids.