NEHRPNational Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (USGS)
NEHRPNorth East Housing Reconstruction Programme (Sri Lanka)
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BUILDING SEISMIC SOCIETY COUNCIL (BSSC), 2003: The 2003 NEHRP recommended provisions for new buildings and other structures, Part 1 (Provisions) and Part II (Commentary).
MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE 2800 Borehole IN ASCII] code type NEHRP type BH-1 490 II C BH-2 481 II C BH-3 502 II C BH-4 482 II C Table (2-1): Special electrical resistivity of some materials.
Estimating (or NEHRP Site Classes) from shallow velocity models (depths < 30 m).
108-360 authorized appropriations for NEHRP through FY2009.
5, d) distancia a la fuente con rango entre 0 y 200km y e) esquema de clasificacion de suelos usada mas frecuentemente, incluyendo la clasificacion del NEHRP.
2008, Development of an NEHRP map for the Orleans suburb of Ottawa, Ontario: Canadian Geotechnical Journal, v.
Evaluation of Tsunami Risk to Southern California Costal Cities, The 2002 NEHRP Professional Fellowship Report.
NEHRP Guidelines for the Seismic Rehabilitation of Buildings (FEMA Publication 273), FEMA, Washington.
These changes stemmed from a 1985 NEHRP publication detailing provisions for new buildings, from which seismic information was translated to code language.
NEHRP has helped, for example, to mobilize local support in Salt Lake County, Utah, by providing credible information about seismic risks.
Yet, according to a committee appointed by FEMA to review the NEHRP, every part of the program is underfunded and progress has not been commensurate with the potential risks.
NEHRP Commentary on Guidelines for the Seismic Rehabilitation of Buildings.