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NEHRUNorth East Housing Reconstruction Unit
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Nehru was as eager to keep Jammu and Kashmir within India, but on critical occasions he became vulnerable to British pressure.
"Nehru did commit a crime and on the demand of former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Sheikh Abdullah, he granted special status to the state.
Regards: Motilal Nehru. Nehru Wedding Camp, Alipur Road Delhi.
Gandhi's death could have led Nehru to assume untrammelled power.
Patel was Nehru's deputy because the two great freedom fighters were Gandhi's disciples and Gandhi chose Nehru as the one who should be the PM.
The exiled Tibetan leader went on to add how he thought it was a bit self-centered on part of Jawaharlal Nehru to covet the top post, according to Hindustan Times.
"My statements (on Nehru) have created a controversy.
There are several reasons for the Indian left to be critical of Nehru. But why does the Indian right hate him ever so intensely?
In another telegram addressed to Prime Minister of Pakistan dated October 28, 1947, Nehru said, 'In regard to accession also, it has been made clear that this is subject to reference to people of State and their decision.'
Nehru advocated Indians and Chinese are brothers ('Hindi-Chini bhai bhai') and had also signed the Panchseel Agreement on Tibet in 1950.
" Nehru's wife ( Kamala) was in Switzerland for her tuberculosis treatment, and Gandhi suggested that Nehru meet his friend, Rolland.
Jamir, who was later appointed as Parliamentary Secretary to Prime Minister Nehru in 1962, remarked Nehru's effort towards Naga issue was genuine and sincere.