NEHTANational E-Health Transition Authority (Australia)
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Prior to joining NEHTA Mr Fleming was with the National Australia Eank.
NEHTA has undertaken a comprehensive and thorough approach to consultation about the planned national EHR.
Much of Australia's policy for implementation and use of Health Identifiers (HIs) becomes apparent from legislation passed in June 2010, while the most comprehensive description of what is intended for the PCEHR is in the Draft Concept of Operations (DoHA & NEHTA 2011), released as a discussion document, which provides details of the policy direction for the development and implementation of Australia's national PCEHR.
NEHTA helps their development by providing on the job training in SNOMED CT.
Robyn joined NEHTA seeking to return to the challenges of the e-health arena and to broaden her skills from the clinical classification world into clinical terminologies.
Australia has started its journey toward an EHR with the establishment of NEHTA and the development of key pieces of infrastructure such as unique identifiers for patients and providers.
In recent months NEHTA commissioned a public opinion poll to seek the views of the Australian public on e-health and the emergence of electronic records.
The results of this consultation will be presented to Australian Governments at the end of the year when NEHTA seeks the funding to advance priority areas of e-health.
On a more global level, Peter Fleming (2009), CEO of NEHTA, discusses the responses of the federal government to the coming transition, including both infrastructure projects (terminologies, provider registry and identification, patient identification, authentication) and specific implementation partnerships.
A new era in clinical communications: a report on the past year's work at NEHTA.
Not surprisingly, SNOMED-CT requires supplementation for use in the Australian health sector, work which is to be executed by NEHTA.