NEHUNorth Eastern Hill University (India)
NEHUNorth of England Homing Union (homing pigeon enthusiasts; UK)
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TABLE 1 Inhibition zone and minimum inhibitory concentration observed for the ethanolic extracts of endophytic fungal and plant when compared to Fluconazole Ethanolic Extract Inhibition MIC (5 mg/mL) Zone (mm) ([micro]g/mL) Endophytic Phomopsis asparagi 23 0.67 46.9 fungi (NEHU. ANSRJ.2) 16 [+ or -] 0.58 93.75 Colletotrichum -- -- gloeosporioides -- -- (NEHU.
In this context, he specially mentioned the Centre for Cultural and Creative Studies in NEHU, which is working towards realizing the artistic and cultural aspirations of the people.
Tom Dawson, president of the NEHU, said: "The North East is a hotbed for pigeon racing and this is the biggest event in the region.
Mishra, department of Economics, NEHU Shillong India for conceiving the idea and the computer program.
But last week he received a letter from the North of England Homing Union (NEHU).
(49) After a perfunctory reference to the "calm" (nehu; mostly broken but restored from parallels in similar texts) Medes, there is a standard shift to a separate "report (temu) of Elam." The date is clearly sometime after Aspa-bara (who is named therein, along with his brother Lutu) had been made king in Ellipi with Assyrian help in 708 and before Sennacherib overthrew him in 702.
Nehu Gobir, prosecuting, said: 'Pc Bond heard the handle on his front door rattle, then saw a man outside quickly move to ring the bell as he appeared in the hallway.
Age and growth of the nehu, Stolephorus purpureus (Engraulidae), from the Hawaiian islands as indicated by daily growth increments in sagittae.
The pro-vice-chancellor, North Eastern Hills University (NEHU), Mizoram Campus, had sent a car to meet them at the request of Dr K.P.
Wherever sources of freshwater meet the ocean (particularly in embayments), fish such as the Hawaiian anchovy or "nehu," Encrasicholina purpurea; round herring, Etrumeus micrdpus; and gold spot herring, Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus; return seasonally to spawn (Williams and Clarke, 1983; Clarke, 1989).