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"Besides the ticket price increases, they ve been doing really excellent yield management, eliminating deep discounts and fare sales and just concentrating on managing their seat inventory to the best degree possible," Neidl said.
Calyon Securities analyst Ray Neidl said that operating two products under the same name has never worked and he also said that the Boeing 757 aircraft used by Song were too large, taking away the flexibility enjoyed by its main competitor.
"The window of opportunity is closing," airline analyst Ray Neidl of Calyon Securities said Tuesday.
Alice Green, Ray Kelly, Esq., and Tom Neidl, Esq., and was moderated by Professor Mary Lynch of Albany Law School.
But TWA's situation is a little different than American's, Neidl explained.
Though Branson said he plans to retain his 51 percent stake in Virgin Atlantic and maintain the brand of the airline he founded in 1984, analyst Neidl that could change.
"New York City's thousands of square miles of empty roofscape amount to what is perhaps our single most underutilized resource," Solar One Coordinator Christopher Neidl said in a prepared statement.
"It looks like Continental is going to be an exception among US network carriers this quarter," said Ray Neidl, of Calyon Securities.
Delta's measures are surprisingly aggressive, according to analyst Ray Neidl at Calyon Securities.
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