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11543-44) ('Les oilz aveit tuz plainz de sanc, | Ne connuisseit ne neir ne blacc' (ll.
(233) THEODOR MERON, The Case for War Crimes Trials in Yugoslavia, in WAR CRIMES LAW COMES OF AGE 187, 196 (1998); see also Fletcher & Weinstein, supra note 8, at 598 & n.87 (noting that a broad spectrum of scholars and jurists, including Karl Jaspers, Antonio Cassese, Payam Akhavan, and Aryeh Neir embrace some variant of the view "that holding individuals accountable for [ICL crimes] alleviates collective guilt by differentiating between the perpetrators and innocent bystanders, thus promoting reconciliation"); Richard J.
The project on which this edition is based evolved through two ARC Linkage Grant projects, New Social Settlement and Transitional Labour Markets, involving Chief Investigators from the University of Melbourne and Deakin University with industry partners CEDA (Committee for Economic Development), the Brotherhood of St Laurence and NEIR (National Institute of Economic and Industry Research).
E ele vient en son neir veil: Al rei en fremist chescun peil, 692 L'alme del cors pur poi s'en ist, Tant s'emai, tant enpouerist.
(A2v) Now this instance could simply refer to any of the biblical lions meant to prey on the unsuspecting soul, but one must consider that the lion had a readily recognizable political resonance for Melville's readership as well: a lion or lions appear on both the English royal seal and the Scottish royal standard, a connection that both reflects and is reflected upon by Proverbs 19.12: "The Kings wrath is like the roaring of a lyon." With this image in mind, the second instance of lion imagery in Melville's poem, which occurs after the dream and is directed toward the Presbyterian audience, seems much more overtly political: "Thocht Tirannes Treat, thocht Lyouns rage & roir: / Defy them all and feir not to win out, / Your guyde is neir to help yow ever moir" (B4r).
His wife, Marian Neir Mahard, currently residing at The Inn at SharonBrooke, Newark, OH, survives.
(17) For a legal account of the procedure of the trial by combat, see Bracton, De Legibus et Consuetudinibus Angliae, 399-401; for Segar's reconstruction of the procedure, see The Booke of Honor and Armes (London, 1590), 73-9; for modern historians' summaries, see Lea, The Duel and the Oath, 110-16, 166; and Mc Neir, "Trial by Combat in Elizabethan Literature," 102-3.
In this study, four energy security indicators are used, i.e., Net Energy Import Ratio (NEIR), Shannon-Wiener Index (SWI), Diversification of Primary Energy Demand (DOPED) and Vulnerability Index (VI) are estimated by using the MARKAL model which is energy-system model depicting long-term development of the energy-system.
The papers in this and the next numbers of the Australian Bulletin of Labour are developed from selected presentations made to the conference, 'Transitions and Risks: New Directions of Social Policy', Melbourne, February 2005, organised by the University of Melbourne Centre for Public Policy, as part of a collaborative ARC Linkage Grant involving University of Melbourne and Deakin University with industry partners CEDA (Committee for Economic Development), The Brotherhood of St Laurence and NEIR (National Institute of Economic and Industry Research).
Source: Statistics Sweden and Neir. Table 37 Central Government Debt and Gross Debt Billions of SEK, current prices, and percent of GDP 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Budget balance 39 1 -33 -36 -5 Provided by the Riksbank 20 Transferred from National Pension Fund 69 Change in value, other -4 32 -24 -1 -7 Central-government debt, -124 -33 57 37 12 change Central-government debt (consolidated) 1 154 1 122 1 178 1 215 1 227 Percent of GDP 50.9 47.9 48.7 47.9 46.0 Consolidated gross debt 1 232 1 227 1 227 1 313 1 323 Percent of GDP 54.4 52.4 52.8 51.8 49.6 Sources: Statistics Sweden, National Debt Office and NIER.