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NEIRANew England Interscholastic Rowing Association (Worcester, MA)
NEIRANew England Inns and Resorts Association
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Neira. "We are probably the first generation in history to be exposed to such a high level of pollution.
Neira said burning fossil fuels that produced carbon dioxide was one of the major causes of air pollution, which results in 7 million deaths per year around the world.
Poor sanitation is also a major factor in the transmission of neglected tropical diseases such as intestinal worms, schistosomiasis and trachoma, as well as contributing to malnutrition,' Neira said.
Neira said that letting the public understand that air pollution is connected to climate change is "a little bit complicated."
"Many of the world's megacities exceed WHO's guideline levels for air quality by more than five times, representing a major risk to people's health," Neira added.
Solutions exist with sustainable transport in cities, solid waste management, access to clean household fuels and cook-stoves, as well as renewable energies and industrial emissions reductions, as Dr Neira pointed out.
While the pollution is still "wreaking havoc" on human health, more cities are starting to monitor their air quality, according to Neira.
Dr Neira added that improved public transport systems, a greater number of energy-efficient houses and a commitment to renewable energy could mitigate the crippling effects of poor air quality.
The meiofauna enhance organic matter biomineralization enhancing the recycling of nutrients and organic carbon making them available for assimilation into new biomass (e.g., Gerlach, 1971; Fenchel, 1978; Giere, 9009; Neira, et al., 9013).
"Heatwaves are a dangerous natural hazard, and one that requires increased attention," Maxx Dilley, Director of the WMOs Climate Prediction and Adaptation Branch, and Maria Neira, Director of the WHOs Department of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health, wrote in their foreword to the publication.