NEISSNational Electronic Injury Surveillance System (US CPSC)
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NEISS captures data on ED visits for injuries, including those associated with consumer products.
NEISS injury reports indicate that injuries can be caused by an individual pool chemical or the mixing of incompatible pool chemicals (e.g., in a bucket).
This transaction was negotiated by Shamir Seidman and Daniel Neiss.
( Neiss told Motherboard  Monday that the bot took him about 40 minutes to put together while his children took a nap.
Data from the NEISS database was collected for each individual sport, and type of head and neck injury (HNI): lacerations, contusions/abrasions, fractures, sprains (neck) and concussions (head).
According to the NEISS, some 489,676 amateur football players made trips to the emergency room in 2010.
While information regarding multiple injuries was not available in the NEISS data (only the most severe injury is included), it is also possible that tubers may more often suffer multiple injuries compared to water skiers or wakeboarders.
For example, steps CPSC could consider include improving the NEISS racial and ethnic classification system; working with NEISS hospitals to improve collection of data on patient race and ethnicity; and leveraging related data collection efforts, such as those sponsored by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, the National Center for Health Statistics, or the National Institutes of Health.
"This class is a stepping stone really," says teacher Bill Neiss, a licensed emergency medical services instructor.
As in Neiss and Nelson (2003), these two are highly correlated.
Another is that in 2001, a hospital that previously had reported to NEISS, CPSC's injury reporting arm, left the system.
Based on the CPSC's National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), 40,500 scooter-related emergency room-treated injuries were reported from January 2000 through February 5, 2001 (CPSC, 2001).