NEJNortheastern Jurisdiction (United Methodist Church)
NEJNederlanda Esperanto Junularo (Esperanto: Dutch Esperanto Youth)
NEJNúcleo de Estudos Judaicos (Portuguese: Center for Jewish Studies; Brazil; est. 2005)
NEJNew Era Journal (Burma)
NEJNewly Excysted Juvenile (liver)
NEJNaval Engineers Journal (American Society of Naval Engineers)
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The newspapers report the names of the men elected to "His Majesty's Council" for the current year (e.g., NEJ 5 June, 1/1).
Regarding the NEJ study about the value of "verbally resisting," New York magazine reports that "many people oppose the approach, arguing that the onus shouldn't be on women to prevent sexual assault."
I had worked extensively with all three WSSM cartridges and previously had a special reamer made, building a 6.5mm wildcat on the .243 WSSM case a few years ago named the 6.5x42 NEJ Super Grouper.
220); ackoliv pripousti, ze existuje nebezpeci "dvojiteho poklesu" (tedy vyvoje ve tvaru W), dle nej "se dvojity pokles na trzich bydleni ukazuje jen velmi zridka" (str.
Flipping from song to song, you can hear bits of reggae infused on "My Lye Shower," Irish themes on "Bullriding Monkey," a bluegrass jangle on "A.D.D." and, aptly, a Latin influence on "Latin Nej."
La Cour tells me she was determined to quash the aftalen, showing me a T-shirt she designed that said "Nej" ("No") in quaint 18th-century calligraphy.
"Through our new NEJ awards, we hope to reach hundreds of entertainment journalists around the country who may not have had a worthy forum to make peers aware of their top-quality work," Press Club President Anthea Raymond, a veteran radio producer, said in a statement.