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NEJMNew England Journal of Medicine
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This online learning platform combines laboratory medicine content with adaptive technology used by NEJM Knowledge+ and developed by Area9 Learning.
NEJM Journal Watch's reported global monthly readership is half a million; [3] the concomitant pressures of drug company direct marketing are significant; and the fact that studies have shown equivalence between 5 days of prednisone and two doses of dexamethasone could easily be confused with this result.
NEJM CareerCenter specializes in physician recruitment and offers a full suite of job searching tools, including automated job alerts and search functionality that includes specialty and geography.
We believe that the IOM report is insightful, judicious, sensible and long overdue," the NEJM editorial read.
He said NEJM had been simply "blowing me off" even when "there was no way to misinterpret" what I was asking.
Research has shown," the NEJM editorial claims, "that fewer restrictions on handguns will result in a substantial increase in injury and death.
The January 3, 2008 issue of NEJM contains two critical letters.
The company--Philadelphia-based GlaxoSmithKline--had a leaked copy, courtesy of a scientist that NEJM had recruited for a peer review of the paper.
However, Cleveland Clinic cardiologist Deepak Bhatt, MD, noted in a related NEJM article that the risk of excessive bleeding was shown to be higher among the prasugrel patients.
Before prostate cancer specialists limit their patients' treatment options, it is important that both they and their patients be aware that the drug doses associated with heart valve damage in the NEJM study were literally thousands of times higher than the cumulative lifetime dose typically taken by men with prostate cancer.
The FDA commissioner insists that even before the most recent report on the NEJM web site the agency was planning a meeting to allow a public discussion of available data on rosiglitazone.
A new study published in the NEJM suggests that treating periodontal disease may help reverse atherosclerosis by increasing the elasticity of the cellular layer lining the blood vessels.