NELAPNational Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program
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NELAP will allow NJAL to further expand its leading environmental testing laboratory services to new geographies, and the certification further underscores the quality of NJAL's lab operations.
The laboratory shall be EPA approved for cryptosporidium analysis and NELAP accredited for E.
The audit is expected to consistof three phases:(1) document review and associated preparation prior to an on-site assessment,(2) an on-siteassessment, conducted in accordance with the current NELAP accreditation standard and(3) preparation of areport of findings and associated post-assessment activities
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or NELAP accrediting authority to (1) provide appropriate sample collection kits to community water systems to facilitate proper and timely collection of the samples based on a schedule provided by EPD; and (2) perform analyses of the samples for alpha particle activity, Radium-226, Radium-228 and Uranium; and (3) promptly report analytical results to EPD using a Lab to Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS) interface.