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NELHNational Electronic Library for Health
NELHNatural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii (est. 1974; now Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority)
NELHNorth East Labour History
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Hawaii's small experimental OTEC plant cranks out more than 200,000 watts of electricity, says Tom Daniel, chief scientist at NELH. That's enough to power more than 600 color TVs at a time.
Tropical corals, for instance, die off quickly below 18 [degrees] C NELH's Daniel admits.
After meeting Corbin at an aquaculture conference in California, Lockwood was persuaded to look to Hawaii, and in 1982 he set up shop in a trailer at NELH. His first activity was a demonstration project to determine the feasibility of growing abalone and giant kelp (to feed the abalone) in the deep seawater discharged as part of the state's Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion program.
That change was made in 1984; that same year Lockwood created Hawaiian Abalone Farms, signed a lease with NELH for the 21-acre site, and dug the firm's first four-acre pond.
Speaking at the launch of the NLH during Health Libraries Week, an annual awareness week that occurs during November, Muir Gray, secretary to the National Knowledge Service and founding director of NeLH, said: "Knowledge is the enemy of disease.
This past sumer marked the merging of the Hawaii Ocean Science and Technology Park and the Natural Energy Laboratories of Hawaii into the NELH Authority.
That is good news indeed around these parts, especially for the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii (NELH).
Without the NELH's incubator assistance program in the research and development stages, many aquaculture entrepreneurial ventures would never get off the ground.