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NELHANatural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority
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UETs modular ReFlexTM energy storage system (ESS) is planned to be in operation at the NELHA Gateway Center early next year.
Big Island Abalone currently mixes the deep-sea water pumped by NELHA with warmer water harvested closer to the surface and combines the two until the appropriate temperatures are reached.
This was the feasibility study lending credibility to the Hydrothermal Energy Plants installed at NELHA, Hawaii and Toronto, Canada.
Tom Daniel, one of the project scientists with NELHA, said, "The flexibility and strength have proven to be ideal.
The Arab oil embargo of the early 1970s spurred renewed interest, triggering development of the open- and closed-cycle systems at NELHA.
The NELHA experience spawned a group of ocean energy pioneers and, despite the US Government's abandonment of support for OTEC, these pioneers concentrated on cooling with deep lake water or deep seawater.
In addition, once the company is profitable NELHA is also entitled to percentage rent.
Reasons: Increasing number of aggressive, market-smart, globally-oriented entrepreneurs active locally; increasing diversity of products being raised; growing intellectual capital and R&D work; expanding physical infrastructure to handle growth (especially new NELHA pipe); some notable State regulatory relief for industry; roll-out by microalgae companies of new.
Would also boost state's reputation as major marine biotech industry leader; attract new marine biotech companies here; increase visibility, attractiveness of UH MarBEC program and NELHA marine research and business incubator facility on Big Island.
NELHA facility on Big Island is nation's first ocean industry complex; tenants pump $32 million annually into Hawaii economy.
The 870-acre NELHA site is the epicenter, with Cyanotech and several other of the state's top 10 producers: Kona Cold Lobster Ltd.