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Nelia, 34, her husband Myhikylo, 39, and Maria, live in what was known as the dead zone, around the shattered reactor of Chernobyl's Block 4.
Nelia Galeta, who runs the under-six centres for Mary's Meals in Malawi, said: "There is a lot of love here but these children have been through a very hard time so we have to be very gentle with them.
El 24 de enero de 2009 se celebro otra asamblea ejidal para informar que al dia siguiente se llevaria a cabo el sorteo de parcelas economicas, lo cual hizo Almazan en presencia de la visitadora de la Procuraduria Agraria, Concepcion de la Cruz Paz, y de la notaria publica 40, Nelia del Pilar Perez Curmina, quien tambien es delegada del Instituto Nacional de Migracion.
The six lucky Golden Ticket Winners are Vincent Thang, Nelia Majrekar, Karen Spiteri and Bas Timmer , Scott Wynkoop and Priyanka D'Souza.
Nelia, a Filipino businesswoman, said she spent at least an hour trying to contact people overseas but failed.
We protest the Japanese Embassy's meddling and intensive lobbying to kill the resolution,'' said Nelia Sancho of Lolas Kumpanyera, an organization supporting elderly Philippine women who claim they were sexually abused by Japanese Imperial Army soldiers.
Clearly veteran employee Nelia Alexander, in her decades with Habitat, still appreciates special seasons and the business' family orientation.
In addition to the new members, the following current members will continue service on the United Fresh board, including: Nelia Alamo, Gills Onions; Ron Anderson, Safeway, Inc.
The report, to be released in September to coincide with Heart Awareness Month, will be compiled by Professor Krisela Steyn of the Department of Medicine at the University of Cape Town and Dr Nelia Steyn of the Medical Research Council's Chronic Diseases of Lifestyle Unit.
In "The Army's Burn Center" Andricka Hammonds takes us inside Brooke Army Medical Center in Texas, and in "Caring for Amputees" Nelia Schrum offers an equally important look at how the Army is helping Soldiers regain their mobility and independence after losing limbs.
color) Gary Burns and wife Nelia pose with their company's father-daughter relationship card game, which is intended to make it easier for dads and teenage daughters to communicate.
e inl:atti stata scordata la rappresentanza femminile nella poesia, nelia letteratura e nel cinema.