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NELISNeutron Elemental Inspection System
NELISNoncommunications Emitter Location and Identification System
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As estrategias de regulacao das emocoes positivas e negativas identificadas pelos autores sao apresentadas a seguir (Nelis et al., 2011).
Nelis, H.M., Leemans, B., Vries, C.D., Hoogewijs, M., Chiers, K.
Above, clockwise from top |left, police helicopter pilot Dave Traill, Pc Kirsty Nelis, Pc Tony Collins and Gary Arthur
Friends of WPC Nelis yesterday changed their internet profiles to a black background with a thin blue line.
Andrew Nelis on Facebook VVWALSH tried to make it a fitness test which, on paper, was a very good tactic.
in concentrations that will not kill the bacteria and are thus less likely to lead to the rapid development of antimicrobial resistance (Honraet and Nelis 2006; Coenye et al.
Nelis Zuliasri, a spokeswoman for the National Disaster Management Agency, said aid from Jakarta arrived at around midnight Wednesday.
Jan Nelis's "Negotiating the Italian Self: Catholicism and the Demise of Fascism, Racism, and Colonialism" examines the imbrications of Italian, Fascist, and Catholic identities that emerge in the pages of the Jesuit journal La civilta cattolica between 1935 and 1949.
Organizations increasingly recognize the need for a consistent process orientation and require appropriate comprehensive frameworks, which help to scope and evaluate their process management initiatives (Jeston & Nelis, 2008).
Murray Abraham (Shylock), Kenajuan Bentley (Launcelot Gobbo), Arnie Burton (Balthazar), Cameron Folmar (Solanio), Kate Forbes (Portia), Ezra Knight (Morocco),John Lavelle (Gratiano), Nicole Lowrance (Jessica), Vince Nappo (Lorenzo), Tom Nelis (Antonio), Saxon Palmer (Bassanio), Matthew Schneck (Salerio), Christen Simon (Nerissa), and Marc Vietor (Aragon, Tubal, and Duke of Venice.)
There are other performances of character, too - Tom Nelis's Antonio a stiff Ivy League racist, Saxon Palmer a more than usually sympathetic Bassanio, Arnie Burton mining unexpected comedy from the servant Balthazar.