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NELLNew England Lighthouse Lovers
NELLNord Europe Life Luxembourg (insurance)
NELLNew England Land Link (farm aid)
NELLNear Eastern Languages and Literature
NELLNoise Equivalent Line Length
NELLN-Epsilon-Lithocholyl Lysine
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We had scarcely begun our repast when there was a knock at the door by which I had entered, and Nell bursting into a hearty laugh, which I was rejoiced to hear, for it was childlike and full of hilarity, said it was no doubt dear old Kit coming back at last.
There, bid him good night, Nell, and let him be gone
Sleep soundly, Nell,' he said in a low voice, 'and angels guard thy bed
It is intriguing to watch Nells interactions with Jackson develop, from combative to lustful to vengeful; however, readers get scant insight into Nell's thoughts and feelings, obscuring the motivation behind her actions.
Rossignol first met Nell Davis when they were in junior high school in Georgia; Nell was later Rossignol's maid of honor.
But the photo showed that Nell was tethered and it caused an outcry, with many people upset to see the new mum on a lead.
Meanwhile, May and Nell, who met at a suffragette rally, have developed a mutual attraction; Nell is attracted by May's intellectual confidence and May is attracted by Nell.
Nell takes a test and is over the moon to discover it's positive, but it's obvious dad-to-be Jai is not thrilled by the news.
McMillan impresses with her knowledge and interplay of both timelines: Ambrose's handwritten letters versus the texts between Nell and her love interest; the golden sheen that surrounds a family at the height of its pre-Depression power and wealth versus the aggravations of having to find ways to get rid of every unwanted, moth-eaten thing in that family's crumbling old mansion.
Nell has been showing signs of movement disorder Dystonia, which commonly affects girls with Rett Syndrome.
Mum Rachael, 49, said Nell was so ill they considered ending life support.
Now mum Emma and dad David are planning to take Nell to the Czech Republic by train, where proton beam therapy not currently available in the UK is offered.