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NELLIE MAENew England Education Loan Marketing Corporation
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Early childhood was pleasant for Nellie Mae, who had a natural affinity for drawing and making dolls.
Nellie Mae's most recent survey of undergraduate students found that 76% of undergraduates have at least one credit card, ranging from 46% for freshmen to 91% for seniors, with an average balance of $2,169.
A $1 million grant aimed at developing a program to allow high school students to earn course credit outside of the classroom has been awarded to the state by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation.
And don't forget the low introductory rates and appealing incentives--t-shirts to bonus airline miles--it's not surprising to discover that according to Nellie Mae, the college loan behemoth, 83 percent of all college undergraduates tote at least one credit card--a 24 percent increase since 1998--and carry an average balance of roughly $2,700.
Nellie Mae ponders why her sister Suzy was taken away with so many unanswered questions and with a cloud of doubt in the community as to what she was really doing with the non-Amish (Englischers) kids.
A recent survey conducted by the student loan company Nellie Mae showed that 92 percent of graduate students carry at least one credit card, with an average outstanding balance of $8,612.
In 2004, seventy-six percent of undergraduates owned at least one credit card in their first year of college, an increase by 40 percent compared to 1989 (Nellie Mae, 2005).
(4) While not based on a nationally representative sample of students, a similar pattern of discrepancy was reported by Baum and O'Malley (2003) in the rate of growth in undergraduate debt level and monthly repayments based on data from the 2002 National Student Loan Survey conducted by the Nellie Mae Corporation.
The company offers federally guaranteed student loans and private and consolidation loans through its family of brands, including Academic Management Services, Nellie Mae, Sallie Mae Education Trust, Southwest Student Services Corporation, and Student Loan Funding Resources.
According to a study released by Nellie Mae, the average credit card debt held by undergraduate students is $2,169.
Wilson, president and chief executive officer, Nellie Mae Education Foundation, Quincy, Massachusetts, renamed deputy chairman.